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    So it begins

    She had been pushed to the side and Amanda watched the girl try the door. Part of her wanted to feel offended by her actions, but a small part of her hoped she could open that door. "I'm not sure what yo-" That's when she heard a strange sound. It sounded like something slapping the ground. A hard smack repeated again and again. The sound pulled her from her shocked dazed and she turned to see a man on the ground. Her eyes widened as she got up half way and was already trying to sprint to him. She slid to his side on her knees once she was close and tried to hold him down. "Can any of you help here? He's having a bad reaction to something! He needs help," she said. Damn it! She really wished she had taken some kind of medical training. She had no idea what to do, besides try to hold him down. "PLEASE! What do we do? Or I? Or something. He needs help. He's seizing."
  2. Andromeda

    So it begins

    The sudden thrust by the orderly caused the woman to lose her footing and she found herself falling onto the ground. Landing on her stomach, she felt the air from her lungs give out a bit. Her eyes ached under the blarring lights of the room. She noticed there were others here with her. Amanda could hear the person on the microphone. A cold shiver went down her spine when she heard that soon she would come to their room. As silence came back, so did her fears as she had been dragged. "Where are we? Who the hell are all of you?" Panic was setting in as she sat up, sitting back on her ass and her hands were shaking. What the fuck was going on?
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    Character Name: Amanda Knight Character Occupation: artist and graphic designer Character Age: 25 Family: No
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