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  1. Welcome to Realm of Roleplays. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  2. Welcome to Realm of Roleplays. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  3. Morrigan

    So it begins

    Harlee bounced a little at the long haired man's enthusiasm! "Welcome to the lab!" she clapped excitedly. "All of you have been injected with a special serum," she glanced to the woman on the floor not sure if she was still conscious but shrugging. "You might want to repeat this all to her when I'm done. Well the serum is supposed to give you some... special abilities and you're going to..." The lights in the lab dimmed and turned red. In the corridor behind the woman and the two guards a emergency broadcast started to sound. "Emergency alert level three. Please escort all essential personnel out of the premises immediately." "Uh-oh," Harlee said looking like she may have messed something up or one of her pet projects got out. "Anyways. I guess that's my queue to leave so have fun!!" she waved her fingers at them. @Socks @kit @Gremlin @Andromeda
  4. Welcome to Realm of Roleplays. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  5. Morrigan

    So it begins

    It was a fast step to the side as the man behind "miss mouse" blocked Mel's way and in the same instance shocked her with a taser sending her writhing to the floor. Harlee leaned over and shook her head. "Yeah. I don't recommend that. Even if you did get outta here," she giggled but didn't explain further. "You're gonna want to hear what I have to say." @kit @Socks @Gremlin @Andromeda
  6. Morrigan

    So it begins

    In the confusion of Karen trying to restrain Hector and Mel trying to help the door slid open without notice and closed without notice entering in 4 new figures. Karen was successful in getting Hector to at least release Amanda but as she choked for air he seemed to pull loose and start for her again. It would be then that the three of them would even notice the new figures in the room as a larger man with broad muscular shoulders stepped in and pressed a syringe into the man's neck. It took a moment of thrashing as the orderly held him there before he went limp and the man set him on the floor for the moment. "So hi everyone!" the mousy voiced woman that had been over the intercom said as the other orderly behind her shoved Jiro into the room. The woman was small, she as about half the size of both of the orderlies there with her but the men were larger than almost everyone in the room albeit they didn't look like they were exactly the brightest bulb in the box. "We normally don't like to combine test subjects too much because there could be adverse effects but these two," she indicated to Amanda, were the only ones still alive from the last batch and so," she shrugged with a oddly chipper smile on her face that didn't read sinister, more naive or ignorant. "We'll get him outta here in a minute," she advised them. "SOO! How are you all feeling? I hope good. It's supposed to be really good but we don't know all the side effects yet so that could be bad," she said but her tone didn't read sad so much as delighted to see the outcomes. @kit @Andromeda @Gremlin @Socks
  7. Welcome to Realm of Roleplays. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. Morrigan

    So it begins

    The blood from the man was everywhere as he continued to try to claw at his skin. When Mel would hit the door she would be met with a thunk but no give. Hector's clawing would only amp up as the whites of his eyes started to turn a a light shade of yellow. He seemed to suddenly turn from attacking himself to the closest person, Amanda. He wouldn't bite or gnash like a zombie would but he went from his sitting to position to sitting up, to jumping on top of her to strangle her. @kit @Socks @Andromeda
  9. Morrigan

    So it begins

    As Hector scratched and jerked he elbowed Mel in the leg and scratched Karen's neck digging in painfully. @Andromeda @kit @Socks
  10. Morrigan

    So it begins

    As Amanda tried to hold him down to keep the man from harming himself and Mel dragged Karen over to his bed to find an extremely disappointing file with his image and name in it and nothing else. Once they had the file in hand the man stopped convulsing and started to cry out in pain scratching at his arm and then his face, digging like there was something burning underneath it. @Andromeda @Socks @kit
  11. Morrigan

    So it begins

    Before any of the others could react. Hector seemed to just fall over and start spasming. @kit @Socks @Andromeda
  12. Morrigan

    So it begins

    "I am Dr Quixn, with an X N not an N N," she explained as if that made a difference to the people in the room. "WELCOME TO THE PROGRAM!" she said loudly as if it were some sort of triumph. "You have been chosen to test one of our latest products that I made!" she said to them. "Obviously... there's some side effects," she said mentioning the dead man but not outright saying it. "So... what is it supposed to do you ask? Welllll... you'll see," she said excitedly! Suddenly there was a turn of a key at the single door, a person was thrown in by a large orderly before the door was closed and locked again. (In comes @Andromeda) "So... I'll talk to you all later. I'll be in your room soon!" she said. @kit @Socks @Garmr
  13. This is for Harlee
  14. Morrigan

    So it begins

    There was a loud high pitched screech from a microphone being too close to another electric device. "No... no... Harlee... give it back," would be the first thing they heard. "Mine... nope... I made it I get to talk," the mousy voiced woman said. "HELLO Subjects!" she started and waited for them to respond. @kit @Garmr @Socks
  15. Morrigan

    So it begins

    Outside, the only person that could hear it would be Karen. Barely over the sound of Mel's rocking of her bed. She would hear the click of a pair of heels just outside of the room. They would echo and then get quieter within only a few seconds but no one would stop by the room. @Garmr @Socks @kit
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