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  1. Morrigan

    So it begins

    Before any of the others could react. Hector seemed to just fall over and start spasming. @kit @Socks @Andromeda
  2. Morrigan

    So it begins

    "I am Dr Quixn, with an X N not an N N," she explained as if that made a difference to the people in the room. "WELCOME TO THE PROGRAM!" she said loudly as if it were some sort of triumph. "You have been chosen to test one of our latest products that I made!" she said to them. "Obviously... there's some side effects," she said mentioning the dead man but not outright saying it. "So... what is it supposed to do you ask? Welllll... you'll see," she said excitedly! Suddenly there was a turn of a key at the single door, a person was thrown in by a large orderly before the door was closed and locked again. (In comes @Andromeda) "So... I'll talk to you all later. I'll be in your room soon!" she said. @kit @Socks @Garmr
  3. This is for Harlee
  4. Morrigan

    So it begins

    There was a loud high pitched screech from a microphone being too close to another electric device. "No... no... Harlee... give it back," would be the first thing they heard. "Mine... nope... I made it I get to talk," the mousy voiced woman said. "HELLO Subjects!" she started and waited for them to respond. @kit @Garmr @Socks
  5. Morrigan

    So it begins

    Outside, the only person that could hear it would be Karen. Barely over the sound of Mel's rocking of her bed. She would hear the click of a pair of heels just outside of the room. They would echo and then get quieter within only a few seconds but no one would stop by the room. @Garmr @Socks @kit
  6. Morrigan

    So it begins

    Unfortunately for all three all electronic devices would not work, they would get no signal and be unable to find a wi-fi connection. Additionally, they would also notice soon that all of their jewelry and valuables had been stripped as well including Hector's cuff links. @kit @Garmr @Socks
  7. Morrigan

    Garmr the three-eyed Wonder Wolf

    Welcome to Realm of Roleplays! Glad to have you here love!
  8. Morrigan

    So it begins

    Each person in the lab would start to come to to see an almost blinding florescent lighting. It would disorienting and difficult to see at first. Each of them would be laying on an uncomfortable hospital type bed. There would be restraints on all of their arms and legs except Hector's. Hector would find his arm restraint on his left arm to have been released. @Garmr Around each bed there was a light blue colored curtain that surrounded them and kept them from seeing anything. Above them would be a white tiled ceiling. No one would remember how they got there or even why they were there. At the foot of their bed would be a file with nothing more than their first name and a photo of them in it. In the room it was just a sterile room. White walls, white floor. No other objects. There is one door. There is one bed with someone that didn't wake up like the rest. @kit @Socks
  9. Welcome to Realm of Roleplays. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  10. Welcome to Realm of Roleplays. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  11. Welcome to Realm of Roleplays. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  12. Escape the Room is a roleplay where you must use the clues around the room and investigate to escape and survive another day. Min-Max Players: 2-5 players per room. Post Speed: I'd like to keep things moving however I'm pretty go with the flow. I'd like, at minimum 1 post per week per player. Post length is preferred to stay under 1-2 paragraphs. Inactive Players/Characters: This is a case by case basis, if you go inactive without warning I will choose the fate of your character (and whether they will be able to return). If you go inactive due to personal reasons we will discuss how the character will be dealt with. Can your character die? Yes absolutely they can. Make good decisions. Mechanics: Hit dodge mechanics are determined by me. Your character can make attempts but I choose the outcome. The only exception are Player Vs Player fights, unless necessary or impeding plot progression that is all played out between the players fighting. Post order is not enforced, post flow is enforced. If it seems relevant continue to rapid fire between characters. I will interject any time as necessary depending. Character Information: In this forum please post the following:
  13. Morrigan

    Kit the Human

    Welcome to the Realms @kit We're glad to have you and glad that you are a human!!
  14. Morrigan

    Basic Information

    It will be a little of both @kit
  15. Yeah.... Totally the wrong version of the realm. But all better now. At least it should be. Let me know if you still have problems @kit