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    Mel stumbled away from the big man with the syringe. A mighty frown drew her face downwards with slashes appearing across her forehead. She didn't answer Miss Mouse, but glanced at Miss Not Married and Pretty Girl. Crazy Dude, she couldn't tell if he was with Mouse or a subject like them. So Mel ignored the new guy as well, for now. She hoped that Not Married and Pretty had the same idea as her. Mel charged for the door.
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    Jiro was pushed into the room, but he did not go quietly. A slew of swearwords poured out of his mouth, as well as threats about "heathens" touching him and how Akkuma was going to kill them all. But he walked further into the room, looking around. He pushed his hair out of his face and smirked, biting his lip as he did so. He spun around as he looked over the room, stepping over the dead body in front of him. "His soul's in a better place now!" The male laughed softly as he spoke. "One more soul for Akkuma-Sama..." The last sentence was spoken more to himself than others. "I feel fuckin' amazing, lady! How do you feel?" he asked in response as he smirked, still staring at the body. "Shame I missed all the fun!"
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    In the confusion of Karen trying to restrain Hector and Mel trying to help the door slid open without notice and closed without notice entering in 4 new figures. Karen was successful in getting Hector to at least release Amanda but as she choked for air he seemed to pull loose and start for her again. It would be then that the three of them would even notice the new figures in the room as a larger man with broad muscular shoulders stepped in and pressed a syringe into the man's neck. It took a moment of thrashing as the orderly held him there before he went limp and the man set him on the floor for the moment. "So hi everyone!" the mousy voiced woman that had been over the intercom said as the other orderly behind her shoved Jiro into the room. The woman was small, she as about half the size of both of the orderlies there with her but the men were larger than almost everyone in the room albeit they didn't look like they were exactly the brightest bulb in the box. "We normally don't like to combine test subjects too much because there could be adverse effects but these two," she indicated to Amanda, were the only ones still alive from the last batch and so," she shrugged with a oddly chipper smile on her face that didn't read sinister, more naive or ignorant. "We'll get him outta here in a minute," she advised them. "SOO! How are you all feeling? I hope good. It's supposed to be really good but we don't know all the side effects yet so that could be bad," she said but her tone didn't read sad so much as delighted to see the outcomes. @kit @Andromeda @Gremlin @Socks
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