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    "Fuck you!" Mel yelled at the door and punched it and then swore again because it hurt her hand. The commotion behind her made her want to cry and rock because it was too much. Mel swore a third time and went back to the mass of fighting humanity. Since Miss Not Married was trying to tie up Deep Voice, Mel thought she'd be better off trying to drag Pretty Girl away. Besides, she was gasping for help. Help in this kind of scenario was not pretty. Mel grabbed around her armpits and pulled, hoping that Deep Voice's grip was weakening from Miss Not Married's attempt at bondage.
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    She hadn't expected the sudden shift in his attention. It caused her to lose her control and before she knew what was going on he was on top of her. She could feel his weight pressing down on her as he strangled her. His fingers burned against her skin seeming to sink in as his grip felt monstrous to the girl as she began to thrash. Her legs trying to kick him in the crotch. She wasn't going to play fair. Her hands tried to grab at his face first before she felt began to feel oxygen deprivation slowly. God she wished she had went to the gym more! Hell was he even strong or was she just weak? Amanda tried to pry at his fingers, trying her best to loosen his grip. She knew she wouldn't last long without air. "Help," she gasped as her face was already turning slightly red.
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