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    Karen screamed when he suddenly started attacking the (relatively) new arrival. She scrambled up to her feet, eyes whipping around. A sudden idea struck her, and she pulled the fitted sheet off her bed. She hurried behind Hector, holding one end of the sheet in each hand, and threw the sheet over him. She was okay with it covering his face - maybe that would calm him down? it worked on some animals, right? - but once it was down over his upper arms, she started trying to tie the ends of the sheet together, to get him bound and unable to hurt anyone else.
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    The blood from the man was everywhere as he continued to try to claw at his skin. When Mel would hit the door she would be met with a thunk but no give. Hector's clawing would only amp up as the whites of his eyes started to turn a a light shade of yellow. He seemed to suddenly turn from attacking himself to the closest person, Amanda. He wouldn't bite or gnash like a zombie would but he went from his sitting to position to sitting up, to jumping on top of her to strangle her. @kit @Socks @Andromeda
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