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    Starting here on Realm of Roleplays really depends on you and what you're looking for. Whether you're here to lurk and read stories (react and have fun), whether you're here to guide others on an adventurous journey through a realm or if you're here to play in one of the realms our storytellers have created.


    1. To get started the first thing you need to do is register with your OOC account.
    2. Next, choose which role you wish to take.
    3. Once you've read a guide the next thing to do is to find a realm to join. You can find all of our Realms on our main page. If you don't find one you're suited for, don't worry, new realms can pop up at any time so hang out with us on Discord and in our OOC Chat.


    Really, that is all there is to it. If you have a guide that you think would be great for helping other storytellers or players feel free to submit it to our guides and the staff will review it and approve it. If you have questions feel free to post in our Staff Contact Center.


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