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The Lab is a Sci-Fi survival story where a group of people wake up in a seemingly government lab. Your goal, is to escape.


  • Min-Max Players: 2-5 players.
  • Post Speed: I'd like to keep things moving however I'm pretty go with the flow. I'd like, at minimum 1 post per week per player. Post length is preferred to stay under 1-2 paragraphs.
  • Inactive Players/Characters: This is a case by case basis, if you go inactive without warning I will choose the fate of your character (and whether they will be able to return). If you go inactive due to personal reasons we will discuss how the character will be dealt with.
  • Can your character die? Yes absolutely they can. Make good decisions.
  • Mechanics: Hit dodge mechanics are determined by me. Your character can make attempts but I choose the outcome. The only exception are Player Vs Player fights, unless necessary or impeding plot progression that is all played out between the players fighting.

    Post order is not enforced, post flow is enforced. If it seems relevant continue to rapid fire between characters. I will interject any time as necessary depending.
  • Character Information: In this forum please post the following:

    Character Name: Real name and what they are called.

    Character Occupation:

    Character Age:

    Family: Yes/No (by family we mean wife, kids, children).



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I don't expect this character to survive but I have fun with her.


Quick query: is the world present day with the lab being an oddity? Or is the world sci-fi?


Character Name:  Melissa "Mel" Walker

Character Occupation: Putting things on shelves at the supermarket. (Her social worker made her take up boxing, so she does that in her spare time.)

Character Age: 24

Family: No

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I literally just pulled this character out of thin air so if something happens to her... that's life (and death).


Character Name: Karen Newcomb, but please, call her Karen or "Kare".

Character Occupation: Lifestyle coach.

Character Age: 38

Family: None. [significant cough]

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