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  1. Jiro Takashi

    The crackling of the taser made Jiro's eyes light up. His body seemed to tremble with excitement. He ran a hand through his own hair as he looked from the woman on the floor to the woman who had brought him into the room. 


    "Tell us! Tell us!" 

  2. Jiro Takashi

    Jiro was pushed into the room, but he did not go quietly. A slew of swearwords poured out of his mouth, as well as threats about "heathens" touching him and how Akkuma was going to kill them all. But he walked further into the room, looking around. He pushed his hair out of his face and smirked, biting his lip as he did so. He spun around as he looked over the room, stepping over the dead body in front of him.


    "His soul's in a better place now!" The male laughed softly as he spoke. "One more soul for Akkuma-Sama..." The last sentence was spoken more to himself than others. 


    "I feel fuckin' amazing, lady! How do you feel?" he asked in response as he smirked, still staring at the body. "Shame I missed all the fun!" 

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