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    Hector wasn't certain how the girl got out of the straps but at this point didn't much care. He sat back on the ground and listened to the mad woman on the speaker with a hollow expression that didn't change when the new woman was thrust into the room.

  2. Hector Corronet

    Hector gave rude girl a hard look but chose to say nothing. When she started to jerk about he stopped trying to loosen or undo the straps giving her the stare of 'if you're going to make this harder for me then I'm not going to help.' He screech of the microphone caused him to wince and he looked up at the ceiling where he assumed the speaker was and frowned. 


  3. Hector Corronet

    Hector winced a little at being shouted at, it reminded him of when he was still married and still drinking. He sighed and reminded himself that other peoples feelings were not his responsibility and chose not to even respond to the one he'd dubbed "rude girl" in his head. He set to work on the straps on his ankles, much easier and quicker since he had the use of both his hands.


    Once free he slid off the bed to the floor in the soundless way he used to when he was sneaking out of the house before his wife woke up. He had never cheated on Diane, at least not with another woman, but the bottle had been a cruel mistress. He smoothed his hands over his shirt and decided it was best to try to calm down 'desperate woman' before attending to rude girl.


    Stepping out from behind the curtain he noticed the fourth bed. Odd, he hadn't heard anyone other than rude girl and desperate woman. He walked towards it and pulled back the curtain... he cursed and closed the slid the curtain back in place. Well, guess he was attending to rude girl first... she might be able to hold it together enough so they could both handle desperate woman.


    He moved to the next curtain and slid it open, "Hey." He walked towards the bed and reached for the first strap, once he was near her head he murmured just loud enough so only rude girl could hear, "There is a dead body in the next bed. I don't think we're in a hospital. Don't tell the other lady, we need to get her calmed down if we're to get out of here. Can you do that?"



  4. Hector Corronet

    As one woman babbled and the other... well, Hector wasn't entirely certain what she was doing though it was loud... he concentrated on getting the strap off.  He had turned his right hand underneath the strap so that the fingers could assist the lest adept left hand and soon he had managed to get it at the very least loose. "Big money, big money, no whammies..." he murmured and then... he slid his right hand out.


    "Got my hands free," he announced as he sat up, rubbing his wrists. He could sense the desperation from the first woman but had long learned from many an overstrung lounge performer and an over dramatic ex-wife that catering to it wasn't helpful. It was then that he noticed that his cuff links were gone and he frowned, he did a brief once over the world of his cloths and realized a lot of things were missing. Now the feeling of dread was getting worse.


    "I don't think this is a hospital," he said though he doubted the others would notice.

  5. Hector Corronet

    "I don't know." Hector wasn't sure if he was answering one or all of the questions but it was the truth as he knew it. "I just woke up, there was an accident?"


    Hector didn't remember an accident and apart from his head nothing else seemed to hurt. Lifting his head a bit he noticed that all limbs were present and accounted for, encased in his suit and dress shirt, now slightly rumpled like he had spent the night sleeping in them. Perhaps he had? He was surprised though that he wasn't in a hospital gown, wouldn't the staff have stripped him down to make sure he wasn't injured? For that matter where were the IVs and the monitors?


    Hector, despite there being no apparent danger, started to get a crawling feeling on the back of his neck and the pit of his gut. Idly he reached over with his free hand to tug at the strap on his right arm, not an easy task given he wasn't left handed. "They've got me strapped down but I've got a hand free. Are you ladies alright?"





  6. Hector Corronet

    Hector awoke with a blistering headache, squinting against the bright light he turned his head away. What had happened? The last thing he remembered was leaving the Golden Tiki  Lounge after his set and the manager had convinced him to stay for a drink. After that there was only blur until he opened his eyes to the bright light. It had been only one drink, hadn't it?  


    As his eyes adjusted Hector noticed the blue curtaining, smelled the sterile smell he typically associated with the time he had his appendix out when he was a kid and immediately thought himself in a hospital. Only once he started to move did he notice the restraints on his arm and legs. Hector frowned, why had the hospital staff seen fit to restrain him? Had he gotten violent while he was drunk?


    "Hello?" his deep bass voice echoed in the mostly empty room, "Hello is anyone there?"


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