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    Mel shuddered and went limb, pain rippled out from the point that the tasers had got into her, but she clenched her teeth hard enough to dribble. Would not give the fuckers the satisfaction of her crying out in pain. And anyway, it wasn't so bad. Really it wasn't.


    Mel stayed on the ground, it was cold against her bare head and that ached too, probably she'd hit it when she'd fallen. Headaches sucked.


    She heard them say that they now had special powers or something and then world went red and black and blurred, then it came back into focus. She still stayed on the ground, thinking that she should let the pain subside before she tried getting onto her dumb feeling feet.


    "Kill her with your eyes," Mel slurred.

  2. Mel Walker

    Mel stumbled away from the big man with the syringe. A mighty frown drew her face downwards with slashes appearing across her forehead.


    She didn't answer Miss Mouse, but glanced at Miss Not Married and Pretty Girl. Crazy Dude, she couldn't tell if he was with Mouse or a subject like them.


    So Mel ignored the new guy as well, for now.


    She hoped that Not Married and Pretty had the same idea as her.


    Mel charged for the door.

  3. Mel Walker

    "Fuck you!" Mel yelled at the door and punched it and then swore again because it hurt her hand. The commotion behind her made her want to cry and rock because it was too much. Mel swore a third time and went back to the mass of fighting humanity. 


    Since Miss Not Married was trying to tie up Deep Voice, Mel thought she'd be better off trying to drag Pretty Girl away. Besides, she was gasping for help.


    Help in this kind of scenario was not pretty. Mel grabbed around her armpits and pulled, hoping that Deep Voice's grip was weakening from Miss Not Married's attempt at bondage.

  4. Mel Walker

    "Oh fuck this," Mel spat and left Deep Voice to his thrashing. She spat out someone's hair as she charged the door, intending to open it and start hollering at the corridors.

  5. Mel Walker

    Mel grabbed Deep Voice's arm as he started to scratch Miss Not Married to Fuck She'd Forgotten His Name's neck. Her expression had gone grim, the dramatics from earlier swallowed as Mel focussed on a problem she reckoned she could solve.


    Stop the scratching.

  6. Mel Walker

    "You're not supposed to!" Mel yelled at the new pretty girl. She led Karen to the file and thrust it at her, Mel didn't know medical gobblygook.


    Deep Voice's pain filled cries tore at Mel until she wanted to scream and punch and punch until everyone shut the fuck up.


    She didn't do that, she swore and ran back to Deep Voice and Pretty Girl and grabbed Deep Voice's arm.


    "Stop doing that! Stop scratching!"

  7. Mel Walker

    "I dunno." And he was having a seizure now. Did files have useful things like, in case this patient has a seizure do this? Mel grabbed the woman's arm when she was free and started to drag her towards the bed that Mel guessed had once housed Mr Deep Voice. Figured it was his bed anyway, the curtains were slightly parted and Mel hadn't come from that 'room.'

  8. Mel Walker

    Mel's fingers fell away from the door and she gaped a moment at the thrashing man on the floor. She remembered something about letting the seizure run out and giving them pillows or something. She remembered Not-Married-to-Jeremy was a lifestyle coach and maybe she had some useful training. After all, you couldn't have any style if you had no life.


    "I'll get help," she also remembered not to let Not-Married-to-Jeremy near the alleged dead body. Mel held her crowded thoughts in her brain and charged off in the direction of where she had heard Not-Married-to-Jeremy's voice come from. Slamming the curtains aside as she did so and hurriedly unbuckled Not-Married-to-Jeremy's right arm. When it was free, Mel moved down to her legs, thinking that Not-Married-to-Jeremy could free her other arm.


    "He's having a seizure. Deep Voice is I mean. There's another girl. She was just chucked in with us. Can you help? I dunno nothing about this stuff," Mel gabbled as she undid the unbuckles.

  9. Mel Walker

    "Oh for fucks sake." Mel muttered as if she had never panicked before. Or felt fear before. Or empathised with the cute girl on the ground. 


    Thing was, she had felt all those things. Felt them now but they were useless emotions and fucking unhelpful.


    "I'm Mel. That's Mr Deep Voice. Mrs Jeremy is still tied to the bed or something." She grabbed the girl on the ground and shoved her away from the door. 


    Then Mel grabbed the door and tried to open it.

  10. Mel Walker

    "Can I see?" Mel winced, no that sounded wrong. Before she could explain what she meant, a bodiless voice proceeded by an electronic scream ripped through the room.


    Mel winced and worked on rapidly freeing herself, too impatient to wait for Deep Voice to finish the job.


    Once she was free, she had every intention of running for the exit.

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