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    "I am Dr Quixn, with an X N not an N N," she explained as if that made a difference to the people in the room. "WELCOME TO THE PROGRAM!" she said loudly as if it were some sort of triumph. "You have been chosen to test one of our latest products that I made!" she said to them. "Obviously... there's some side effects," she said mentioning the dead man but not outright saying it. "So... what is it supposed to do you ask? Welllll... you'll see," she said excitedly!


    Suddenly there was a turn of a key at the single door, a person was thrown in by a large orderly before the door was closed and locked again. (In comes @Andromeda)


    "So... I'll talk to you all later. I'll be in your room soon!" she said.


    @kit @Socks @Garmr

  2. Harlee Quixn

    There was a loud high pitched screech from a microphone being too close to another electric device. "No... no... Harlee... give it back," would be the first thing they heard.


    "Mine... nope... I made it I get to talk," the mousy voiced woman said.


    "HELLO Subjects!" she started and waited for them to respond.


    @kit @Garmr @Socks

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