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    The blood from the man was everywhere as he continued to try to claw at his skin.


    When Mel would hit the door she would be met with a thunk but no give.


    Hector's clawing would only amp up as the whites of his eyes started to turn a a light shade of yellow. He seemed to suddenly turn from attacking himself to the closest person, Amanda. He wouldn't bite or gnash like a zombie would but he went from his sitting to position to sitting up, to jumping on top of her to strangle her.


    @kit @Socks @Andromeda

  2. Storyteller

    As Hector scratched and jerked he elbowed Mel in the leg and scratched Karen's neck digging in painfully.


    @Andromeda @kit @Socks

  3. Storyteller

    As Amanda tried to hold him down to keep the man from harming himself and Mel dragged Karen over to his bed to find an extremely disappointing file with his image and name in it and nothing else.


    Once they had the file in hand the man stopped convulsing and started to cry out in pain scratching at his arm and then his face, digging like there was something burning underneath it.

    @Andromeda @Socks @kit

  4. Storyteller

    Before any of the others could react. Hector seemed to just fall over and start spasming.


    @kit @Socks @Andromeda

  5. Storyteller

    Outside, the only person that could hear it would be Karen. Barely over the sound of Mel's rocking of her bed. She would hear the click of a pair of heels just outside of the room. They would echo and then get quieter within only a few seconds but no one would stop by the room.


    @Garmr @Socks


  6. Storyteller

    Unfortunately for all three all electronic devices would not work, they would get no signal and be unable to find a wi-fi connection. Additionally, they would also notice soon that all of their jewelry and valuables had been stripped as well including Hector's cuff links.


    @kit @Garmr @Socks

  7. Storyteller

    Each person in the lab would start to come to to see an almost blinding florescent lighting. It would disorienting and difficult to see at first. Each of them would be laying on an uncomfortable hospital type bed. There would be restraints on all of their arms and legs except Hector's. Hector would find his arm restraint on his left arm to have been released. @Garmr


    Around each bed there was a light blue colored curtain that surrounded them and kept them from seeing anything. Above them would be a white tiled ceiling. No one would remember how they got there or even why they were there. At the foot of their bed would be a file with nothing more than their first name and a photo of them in it.


    In the room it was just a sterile room. White walls, white floor. No other objects. There is one door. There is one bed with someone that didn't wake up like the rest.


    @kit @Socks

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